In order to help regions to apply more coherent integration policies, REGIN builds upon existing sets of integration indicators:

  • The EU ‘Zaragoza’ Integration Indicators which use Eurostat data to monitor the situation of migrants in order to enhance comparability between EU Member States. There are three key policy purposes for using integration indicators: understanding integration contexts and  integration outcomes, evaluating the results of policies, and mainstreaming integration into general policies.
  • Similarly, the Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX), previously produced by two of the project’s partners CIDOB and MPG, has become a useful tool that measures policies to integrate migrants in all EU Member States and beyond in different policy areas.

As integration policies have also been developed at regional level, this project aims to adapt MIPEX to regions. Establishing whether the share of the regional mandate is significant enough to warrant an EU comparison, the project aims to explore to what extent national policies require regional action for their implementation and which are the crucial regional policies devoted to migrant integration.

These policy and outcomes indicators should help regional authorities to underpin evidence-based policy-making on migrant integration and inclusion.