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Integration Lab


The Division for Citizen Security, Migration and Social Anti-mafia Policies of the Regional Presidency draws up the three-year plans for migration policies. It oversees and coordinates the activities for Puglia Region relating to policies on reception, social and health care, integration and training for migrant populations.

Visit the website PUGLIA INTEGRAZIONE the portal dedicated to the Apulian integration projects

As one of the six regional partners, Puglia will test the tools and instruments developed under REGIN. It will inform and work with public officials and stakeholders to understand the key role of integration in providing social cohesion (training and capacity building sessions) and promote and facilitate interactive and innovative activities to foster inclusion.

In collaboration with the CPMR, it will also coordinate the selection of regional practices and experiences for a database and linked interactive map to highlight the learning process of developing actions and instruments to promote inclusion and integration in European regions.