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The action of the Regional Directorate for Communities under the Presidency of the Azores Government is based on the dual aspect of preserving cultural identity and integrating immigrant, emigrated and returned communities.

As well as providing public services to these populations, it promotes dialogue between immigrant and emigrated communities and their representatives and encourages their civic and political participation in the societies in which they live.

As one of the six regional partners, Azores tested the tools and instruments developed under REGIN. It informed and worked with public officials and stakeholders to understand the key role of integration in providing social cohesion (training and capacity building sessions) and promoted and facilitated interactive activities to foster inclusion.



The Region of Azores created a Migrant’s Guide in three formats (printed notebook, website, and App both for Android and IOS), which enhanced a welcome road map for the integration of migrants in the Azores. The site and the App are available in Portuguese and English. The printed guide is available in Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, French and English.

The main objective of the guide is to provide systematic, organised, and clear information, integrating public entities and associations’ relevant actions within their competences regarding migrant integration and inclusion. Moreover, it also aimed to orient all entities that play a role in migrant integration, promoting the articulation and combination of the available answers.

Additionally, the Azores launched a dissemination campaign to promote the 3 tools that comprise the Migrant’s Guide, their contents, and functionalities, among migrants, among entities involved in the migrant integration process and by the general population. The campaign included the following elements:

  • Promotional videos (1 version for TV and 2 versions for social media);
  • Radio spot
  • Ads for newspapers and social media

The Regional Network of Municipal Contacts for Migrations carried out a training session aimed at complementing the face-to-face public assistance services provided by the Regional Directorate for the Communities (DRC) in the cities of Ponta Delgada, Angra do Heroísmo and Horta with the services of the Region’s 19 municipalities through an action programme.

Furthermore, training sessions on intercultural dialogue addressed to educational sector and a specific training on “Migrants’ Access to Healthcare” to raise awareness and inform about the different dimensions of the phenomenon of access to healthcare by migrant communities in Portugal.


The Festival and Walk for Interculturality as part of the celebrations of the International Day of Migrants in the Azores, consisted of 2 events:

  • Interculturality Festival (multicultural concert and gastronomic fair “Tasting Flavours of the World” and Craft Show).
  • Walk for Interculturality

The main objectives of the action were to provide moments of conviviality among citizens of different cultures residing in the Region, promote dialogue and knowledge among them, promote the culture of migrants and residents in the Region through a gastronomic show, multicultural concert and crafts fair, raise awareness of the current and historical reality of migrations in the Region, and to honour the life path of all migrants.

For further information about the Azores’ pilot integration actions, please check our REGIN Catalogue of Integration Actions.