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Skåne – Regional updates

Abr, 28, 2021

The Region of Skåne has had a unique role as a pioneer within the REGIN project. Contrary to the rest of our regional partners, Skåne has already developed an integration and inclusion action, which encompasses a testbed on health and integration. The testbed, which provides individualised support to newly-arrived families, has already been finalised. Partnership Skåne is now focusing on how to continue building on the work that has been carried out. In collaboration with Save the Children Sweeden, they have produced the ‘My Path forward’ guide focusing on support to newly-arrived children.

Despite the unique role of the Region, Skåne has also worked on strengthening the links with stakeholders through the first Stakeholder Capacity Building Event held on 29th January 2021, under the title «A supportive environment for newly arrived migrants in Skåne». The session focused on presenting a newly tested program of multi-level trans-sectorial collaboration to provide a supportive environment for migrants on mental health and parenting. The model is based on the regional collaboration platform of Partnership Skåne, and it has been further developed and tested as part of the project REGIN. Being the first of the conferences to be organised in the Region, the event’s objective was to inform, inspire, and prepare the base for further developing and implementing the model. The event gathered 120 people representing municipalities, civil society organisations, regional organisations and other actors. The event served to inspire participating actors to build on the work that has been carried out and reflect upon its sustainability. The webinar is available online through the following link.

Furthermore, 12-13th April 2021, the region also led a conference on Civic & Health Communication for Sustainable Integration hosted by MILSA educational platform, the Skåne County Administrative Board and boards of the other Swedish counties.