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REGIN communication, dissemination and capitalization plans

Lug, 07, 2020

As part of the projects’ Communication strategy, project partners have developed a couple of guiding, and mutually complementary documents in order to harmonize and guide partners’ communication, dissemination and capitalization actions.

  • The Communication Plan defines the project´s communication goals and means to achieve them. It provides a roadmap for sharing REGIN’s messages and results with a general audience. It defines the tools and instruments required to identify the messages to be shared.
  • The project’s Dissemination and Capitalization Plan is the guiding document to disseminate the main findings and outcomes of the project and to capitalize them in order to promote debates and advocacy actions. The plan is designed to help identify the comprehensive audience for the project’s results. It provides a roadmap to carry out dissemination and capitalization actions, and indicates the best tools to provide audience-tailored messages.

The aim of these documents is to help partners effectively communicate and share REGIN’s core messages and results with its audience and to ensure a high-quality Communication, Dissemination and Capitalization strategy.


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