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Puglia Dissemination and Capacity Building Event

Jan, 28, 2021

Puglia’s project activities for the year 2020 ended on 18 December with the organisation of the first dissemination meeting on the objectives and actions envisaged by REGIN in Puglia and a first Capacity Building session on the theme “Integration and inclusion of migrants in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic”. Approximately 50 different actors, actively engaged in the inclusion of third country nationals in the regional territory took part in the event.

After a brief introduction to the programme of the day by the regional official Riccardo Acquaviva, the first session was opened by the Director of the Citizen Security, Migration Policies, and Social Anti-mafia Department of the Apulia Region, Domenico De Giosawho introduced the main actions that the Region supports on the theme of integration of third country nationals, focusing on the importance and scope of the work done to reduce disparities to date.

Then, the Executive Director of the CPMR, Davide Strangis, presented the scope and activities of the REGIN Project and showed the preliminary data from the MIPEX-R for the Apulia Region.

Next, the President of the Casa Sankara-ghetto out Association, Papa Latyr Faye, reported the experience of migrants in Puglia, focusing on the work of Casa Sankara-ghetto out. Mr. Faye offered also interesting insights on the importance of active participation and involvement in the construction of policies and strategies for the inclusion of migrants in Puglia.

Finally, Alessia Rochira, Researcher of the UniSalento, introduced the topic of the second session and facilitated the discussion in the round tables on the theme of “Literacy and Communication” and “Bureaucratic obstacles” among the regional stakeholders with the support of the Research team members.

The Capacity Building activity was an opportunity for exchange and proved to be particularly important since it allowed a joint reflection on the challenges brought by the Covid-19 pandemic and how to overcome them.


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