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Unemployed, homeless and without help: Murcia is looking for an antidote in the midst of a pandemic regarding the lack of protection of its former minors under guardianship

Jul, 07, 2020

This year, the regional Ministry of Women, Equality, LGTBI, Families and Social Policy of the Region of Murcia (Spain) is designing a project to support all former minors under the guardianship of the region once they have reached the age of majority.

Almost 80 minors who have been tutored by the regional administration of Murcia Region (many of whom are unaccompanied minor migrants) are going to reach the majority age soon. The public administration is willing to go above and beyond its duty  in order to integrate them (in the context of a health and economic crisis), and make sure that no one is left behind.

The following article gathers testimonies of several unaccompanied minors who have passed through juvenile facilities, shelter homes, and that finally found a better future.


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