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Migrant integration in Campania Region is managed through the General Directorate for Social and Welfare Policies.
The Directorate focuses in particular on policies to promote the integration of non-EU immigrants into the labour market.

As one of the six regional partners, Campania tested the tools and instruments developed under REGIN. It informed and worked with public officials and stakeholders to understand the key role of integration in providing social cohesion (training and capacity building sessions) and promote and facilitate interactive and innovative activities to foster inclusion.


Synergies with the COM.IN 4.0. Project on inclusion of migrant communities in small villages of inner rural areas

In the framework of the REGIN Project, the Region of Campania carried out two activities, creating synergies between the REGIN and COM.IN 4.0 Projects. Firstly, the region monitored the process of the COM.IN.4.0 project through the use and adaptation of the REGIN tools and evaluation framework. Secondly, the region drafted transferability guidelines (in Italian) focusing on the integration action process.

COM.IN 4.0 is a project dedicated to institutional and community empowerment and the creation of innovative governance systems. Among its specific objectives is the empowerment of the local network, training for Public Administration staff, and increasing the quality of digital infrastructures for governance.

For further information about Campania’s pilot integration action, please check our REGIN Catalogue of Integration Actions.