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Azores develops a welcome guide and focuses on the promotion of interculturality

Dic, 01, 2021

Together with its regional stakeholders, Azores Region decided to create a website, mobile app and printed document as a welcome guide. This pack was developed with the aim of providing information in an organised, systematic, and clear manner, integrating relevant information from public entities and associations that develop relevant functions with a view to the full integration, in order to guide them and promote dialogue and the coordination of available responses.

These tools will also provide information regarding registration deadlines, through notifications and the possibility to fill-in forms and ask questions. The Welcome Guide will be launched on 18 December 2021 in a event organised to mark International Migrants Day, that will take place in Terceira Island. It is part of the programme called «A walk for interculturality» and an intercultural fair (music, gastronomy and crafts). On 21 December 2021, the Azores REGIN Dissemination meeting will be held online.

The region also developed a partnership with local actors, with the aim to conduct trainings on cultural diversity towards teachers and health professionals. Through the use of the REGIN toolkit, the Azores managed to change its perspective towards a more objective and comprehensive approach promoting an enhanced participation of local authorities.