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Campania presents the REGIN project to its regional stakeholders

Dec, 01, 2021

Campania Region organised its first regional gathering as part of the REGIN Project on 15 November 2021. The event provided an opportunity to present the idea behind Campania’s pilot integration action is to capitalise on REGIN tools to monitor and analyse the process that the Region is adopting in the framework of the COM.IN.4.0 project, which is aiming to develop a strategy for integration and inclusion of migrant communities in small villages of inner rural areas.

The intervention of Francesco Fusaro, Policy Officer at DG HOME – European Commission highlighted the importance of following a multi-stakeholder approach and the potential for greater funding synergies for local & regional authorities under the 2021 – 2027 EU funds for integration, in line with the REGIN Project activities. Following MPG Legal Analyst Carmine Conte’s presentation of the MIPEX-R methodology focusing on the regions’ role related to the policy cycle, governance and integration measures, regional experts from Campania underlined one of the main findings of the MIPEX-R in the region that is the need for an inclusive strategy at regional level. This important aspect was further debated by stakeholders representing active NGOs and social enterprises in the region, with a focus on social innovation.