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The Skåne County Administrative Board (Lansstyrelsen) has the mission to promote capacity and preparedness for the reception of newly arrived people. It conducts its work through a model called Partnership Skåne which brings together the County Administrative Board, Region Skåne, Public Employment Service, municipalities, universities and civil society organisations.

Partnership Skåne acts as a frame for comprehensive inter-sectorial cooperation and methodological development supporting the integration of migrants and refugees in the region, with a focus on health, participation and empowerment.

As well as contributing to the REGIN tools and instruments, Skåne was in charge of conducting a testbed in collaboration with its partner NGOs as part of its previous and ongoing method development regarding health equity and social inclusion. The testbed consisted of an advisory service providing holistic support to newly arrived people and a support scheme tailored to individual needs to achieve integration, psychosocial support and empowerment.



The testbed was integrated into the regional systemic effort of Partnership Skåne and operated on a local/regional and individual and family-oriented level through an innovative and combined effort. The core of the testbed was peer-based groups supervised by a trained Civic- and Health Communicator who shares language and migration background with the participants while at the same time having a professional role. The group activity were based on dialogue and reflection centering around migration, mental health and parenting through a primarily preventive approach.

The testbed was conducted complemented by two supportive methods in one to three municipalities:

  • Description: one-stop-shop advisory service. Through regular opening hours in a neutral space the advisory service offers volunteer-based, cost-free, impartial and confidential advice for people who are newly arrived in Sweden and that need support in navigating in the Swedish society.
  • Objective: to give migrants increased knowledge about civil and human rights and responsibilities and strengthen individual empowerment.
  • Expected results: recruitment and training of volunteers, set-up and running of the advisory bureau and a mapping of the eco-system for local empowerment.

The action was carried out in the Skåne region by the social partner IM.

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  • Description: within the advisory service, individuals and entire families get access to a case manager that will provide individually adapted support enabling a social sustainable life situation, based on needs and goals.
  • Objective: to help those identified as in need of an in-depth individual support to provide psycho-social support to strengthen resilience and empowerment.
  • Expected results: methodology based on breaking down the person’s needs and goals into a chain of activities, planning the chain of activities with relevant actors, following-up and evaluating and networking with local actors whose activities are important for integration, psycho-social support and empowerment of migrants.

The action was carried out with the support of Save the Children.

Setting up a local supportive platform/environment/network for integration (PS)

Finally, the methods developed under RR and My Path were linked with complimentary activities in the concerned municipality through the formal networks linked to PS. In this process a joint knowledge development around needs and perspectives of the target groups, the possible benefits of the testbed, as well as other needs and possibilities were discussed and mapped. The work included actors usually not having a strategic role in the design of integration programmes, i.e. IM (through RR) and Save the Children. The on-going process also involved actors on regional and national level through the formal networks around the county boards in Sweden.

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