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New website offers open-source access to migrant integration governance data on a regional level

maig, 10, 2022

The REGIN Project is pleased to announce that the MIPEX-R website—offering open-source access to migrant integration governance data on a regional level—is now live.

About the new MIPEX-R website

The website,, created by the Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB) and the Migration Policy Group, provides objective data from 25 regions across the EU, allowing for comparative analysis of migrant integration governance and how it varies between regions.

Comparisons can be according to multiple indicators, including ‘policy areas’ (antidiscrimination, culture and religion, education, healthcare, housing, labour market, language, social security and assistance), ‘governance system’ (actions, actors and relations, resources), ‘governance process’ (formulation, policy output, implementation, evaluation), ‘target population’ (Third Country Nationals, Beneficiaries of International Protection), as well as an aggregated ‘overall score’.

Why is integration governance data on a regional level important?

Historically, migrant integration governance has been viewed through a national lens. While some excellent progress here has been made—including the development of the Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX) which is perhaps the most well-known tool for the comparative analysis of migrant integration policies between nation-states—there have been calls for such analysis to not only take place on the national level. The weakness with limiting analysis to this level, it is argued, is that it falls into the trap of ‘methodological nationalism’, that is to say, creating the illusion that migrant integration governance is completely even across an entire nation-state.

Of course, in reality there are significant variations in governance not only between nation-states, but also within them. As such, there has been a gap in terms of research and tools surrounding migrant integration governance on subnational, regional level, leading to the development of the REGIN project that aims to fill this gap.

Moreover—and as documented by the REGIN project—data surrounding migrant integration governance at the regional level is sparse and difficult to access. In creating open-source access to MIPEX-R data, the website makes a strong contribution to improving the visibility and availability of such data.

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